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Aston Martin makes a Mini [Jun. 30th, 2009|11:34 am]


The Aston Martin Cygnet: An interesting way for luxury car maker Aston Martin to deal with the slump: make a Mini.

Actually, they're taking Toyota's excellent little iQ city car and giving it a hand-made makeover. Not that the iQ was badly kitted out in the first place. It will be a wonderful, though pricey (£20,000) way to get around town and will happily do longer journeys; it will seat two adults and two kids, realistically. But I’m not so sure it’s so good for Aston Martin. It is basically what we used to call "badge engineering" and takes a risk with the brand's equity.

Are they really that desperate? And might not a UK made Mini Cooper have been a better, sportier starting point?